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Indian Cauliflower Masala

This gorgeous dish will make an impression at a dinner table. It is so jam-packed with marvelous flavors, textures, and aromas that your guests will not even realize they are eating healthy! This delicious recipe was taught to me by one of the chefs at Mint Cuisine of...

New England Clamless Chowder

Whether or not you are a fan of clam chowder, if you love decadently creamy potatoes and are craving comfort food, this is a dish you will love. It doesn’t have the fishy taste of clams, but the shitake mushrooms provide the color and chewiness of clams and enhance the character of this dish as a hearty clam chowder. I have fooled people from New England with this wonderful stew. This is a perfect transition dish if you miss seafood.

Avocado Brioche Burger Buns

For a burger bun, you want bread that is soft and gives when you bite into it. Harder bread squeezes the ingredients of your sandwich out the sides, creating a big, albeit often delicious, mess. This is an excellent bun for veggie burgers, BBQ sandwiches, and more!

Non-Dairy Yogurt in Your Instant Pot!

I thought I’d never have delicious yogurt and fruit smoothies once I gave up animal protein. I just don’t like the store bought stuff. Now yogurt is back on my table! Make smoothies, sauces, and add it to stews; it does anything dairy yogurt does without harming our health, environment and our animal friends. Try it; it will be the easiest dish you’ll ever make!

Hearty Winter Stew

Who needs beef when a stew made from fresh vegetables can be this rich and flavorful? With generous chunks of potatoes, carrots, and portobello mushrooms, this decadent comfort food promises to sustain you through the chilliest of winter nights.

Danielle’s Foolproof Quick Injera

Well, I’ve finally done it! After three years of experimentation, I’ve come up with a foolproof Ethiopian injera recipe that is quick and easy. If you are craving Ethiopian food and have some sourdough starter on hand, this is a bread you can create from start to finish in as little as 20 minutes.

Healthy Vegan Summer Rolls

        Our friend, vegan super-middleweight boxing champion, Omowale Adewale, is always looking for new ways to engage his children, Rayne, Aziza and Chi, in the kitchen. Danielle created these videos to teach them how to make summer rolls with a...

Spicy Potatoes Masala

This is a deliciously flavorful way to eat potatoes. I first tried this dish at a fantastic Indian/Sri Lankan restaurant called, Dosa Garden, in Staten Island, NY. I was so smitten by the flavors, I hounded the owner/chef to share the recipe with me. He gave me the general ingredients and this is the version I came up with. I think it comes pretty darned close.

Tahini Sauce

Tahini sauce is delicious over just about any grain dish. It will keep three days in your refrigerator and reheats well. You can make it to the consistency you desire.

How to Prepare Quinoa

Quinoa is a delicious gluten-free substitute for the wheat intolerant. It is also a nice substitute for rice. It cooks quickly by comparison and has a slightly crunchy texture.

Healthy Vegan Sushi

The second part of our video for our friend Omowale Adewale's children Rayne, Aziza and Chi, shows how to make healthy vegan sushi rolls https://youtu.be/ckhnYp5eaBA   https://youtu.be/XF0TW3fsZp8

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