Time For Change Kitchen

Enjoying Whole Foods For Whole Health!

with Danielle Bussone

Becoming a vegan was a life-saver for me. A surgeon inadvertently severed a crucial part of my anatomy, creating for me six years of pain and suffering, numerous surgeries and hospitalizations, multiple life-threatening complications, and a few near-death experiences. Discovering plant-based nutrition helped to restore my health and allowed me to not only survive, but to thrive.

In TIME FOR CHANGE – Whole Foods For Whole Health!, I share my story of injury and recovery and show how creating a healthier, more energetic body can be as close as your dining room table.

TIME FOR CHANGE is comprehensive primer on to how to deal with the minor inconveniences of this lifestyle choice, how to deal with social situations, what new foods you’ll encounter, how to stock your kitchen, tips on preparing and cooking vegetables and,  finally, delicious recipes to get you started.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your health will improve by making small changes to the way you currently eat. I’ve lost 65 pounds, I no longer have acid reflux, and I no longer need blood pressure medication (or any medication at all). I am well and healthy, and the foods I prepare are delicious and satisfying.

Please join me in making the next years of our lives the most productive, energetic and radiantly healthy years ever!

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