Plant-Based Food Products

Below are some of the products I used in this demonstration. Click on the photo to order yours through my affiliate link with I receive a small commission, which helps me to continue my work, and it doesn’t cost you any more than if you bought it directly through Amazon. I only promote products I have personally used myself, or similar products, when the products I use can no longer be found. I appreciate your support!

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It is often more economical to buy food products in bulk rather than in smaller quantities. This is especially true of dried herbs and spices which can be very expensive in small quantities. If you find you enjoy eating a particular food product, herb, or spice, and you use it frequently, It makes sense to buy them in bulk for greater savings. Be sure to store your spices in airtight jars and keep in a dark, cool place to prevent spoilage. I have a cabinet dedicated to storing bulk spices.

I have not added fresh produce to this list. You can find much of what you need at your local grocers rather than ordering them online where shipping costs can be quite high.

Grains, Beans, & Nuts

Red Quinoa

Lundberg Short Grain Brown Rice, Organic

Arrowhead Mills Chickpeas, 1-Pound

Arrowhead Mills Chickpeas, Six Pack

Bob’s Red Mill Garbanzo Beans

Food To Live Organic Cashews

Food To Live Slivered Almond, 2lbs

Dried Herbs & Spices

Spices are much cheaper when you buy them in bulk. However, if you don’t think you’ll use them up in six months time, it is still advisable to buy the smaller jars. If you have a friend who likes to cook, you may consider buying bulk spices together and dividing them between you.

Simply Organic Basil

Frontier Organic Basil Leaf, l lb

Rani Black Salt (Kala Namak)

Simply Organic Cayenne Pepper Certified Organic, 2.89-Ounce

Cayenne Pepper

Organic Chili Powder

Simply Organic Crushed Red Pepper

Organic Crushed Red Pepper, 1 lb

Organic Chili Powder, 1 lb

Simply Organic Ground Cloves

Simply Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

Frontier Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, 1 lb

Simply Organic Granulated Garlic

Frontier Granulated Garlic, 1 lb

Simply Organic Ground Cumin

Cumin Seeds

Organic Black Mustard Seed Whole, Half Pound

Spicely Organic Granulated Onion

Spicely Organic Granulated Onion, 1 lb

Organic Oregano

Frontier Co-op Organic Mediterranean Oregano Leaf, 1 lb

Simply Organic Paprika

Frontier Organic Paprika, 1 lb

Simply Organic Turmeric Powder

Frontier Herb Organic Ground Turmeric Root, 1 lb

Frontier Herb Organic Cornstarch, 1 lb

Packaged Food Products

Advanced 40+ Acidophilus

Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Boyajian Inc Boyajian Assorted Citrus Oil, 3-Pack

Boyajian Pure Orange Oil

Butler Soy Curls, 6 pk

Colgin Liquid Smoke

Muir Glen Organic Crushed Tomatoes, Fire Roasted

Muir Glen Organic Tomato Paste, 6oz cans

package of 24

Pepperwood Organic Tahini

Westsoy Organic Plain Unsweetened Soy Milk

WestSoy is not a product you can find on Amazon, at least not at the time of this writing. Amazon offers numerous versions of this product, but not one that is organic and 100% soybean derived. The best price I’ve found for this product is at Walmart. It is a 64-ounce shelf-stable box of soy milk, which is just about enough to fill seven 12-ounce Ball jelly jars. If Walmart doesn’t carry it locally, order it online and have it delivered to your local store. That way you won’t have to pay for shipping. Don’t use anything called soy drink, almond drink, coconut drink, etc. They frequently contain undesirable ingredients, including oils and preservatives. The only ingredients listed on this product are soybeans and water.

Natural Imports of Asheville, NC, is a purveyor of high-quality Mitoku products such as sweet rice vinegar and white miso, and much more. These are the best of the best in Japanese culinary products. I frequently order from Natural Imports and make trips to their store whenever I’m in the Asheville, NC area. I receive no advertising fees for these products. I feel it is important to share them with you, however, because they go through rigorous testing for contaminants in Japan and again in the United States.

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